Australia Fine Wines & Service Provider!

Our humble beginning was established in 1997 in the supply of packaging products, like specially designed and customized beer, beverage & wine bottles and in the design and supply of printed labels & corrugated carton boxes.

Due to our strong association and interactions with numerous Australian wineries in the business, we were constantly been requested by friends from the wineries, to assist them in the wine export business into the South East Asian countries and then in 2005/2006, we seriously look into exporting Australian wine into the Chinese market.

After careful consideration and with a good knowledge of the Chinese market since the early 2000, our Managing Director believes that Australian wine will take off strongly in the vast Chinese market. And this impact had really taken off in year 2006!

In 2006, our company had begun our journey as a supplier cum exporter of Australian wines to the Chinese market. And today, we can boast our wines had been exported to most major Chinese cities and also been distributed all over China.

Our company had been granted two Australian Export Licenses issued by the Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation, a body in-charge of all pertaining to the import and export of wines and spirits in Australia. And we also represented numerous selected Australian wineries as their sole agent and/or “Brand Ambassador” for China and some South East Asian countries too.